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AEROCON, Bolivian air line with future vision, extend and National integration. With the administrative resolution Nº 12955 of the Ministry of services and works publish - Viceministry of Transports, we will begin to operate like regular air line, beginning of that way a new era inside the Bolivian air navigation.

Objective of AEROCON is to show as a COMPANY OF AIR SERVICES NATIONAL which it will integrate to Bolivia as solid, dynamic and enterprising company, that arrived every day at all its destinies, to the same hour stimulating therefore the development of activities and businesses in the cities that we operated.

Daily flights planned strategically with the habit and necessities use of the air navigation in Bolivia, also thinking in the North and the South users of the country, we are sure that we will be able to be positioned nonsingle like the official transporters of national integration, but also we will become strategic element for its company and the Bolivian passenger.

When obtaining and demonstrating to the fulfillment of schedules and itinerary more the quality service in addition to attention of personnel described in ours counters and offices, our objective of regular air line will be fulfilled so that we will be able to assure that with its support, this company will be growing and integrating to the country step by step with the mutual support.

We place for you our institutional profile.

In AEROCON we are working continually so that you as client enjoy the best services.
We looked for to satisfy the necessities with executive trips of companies and tourists.
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